The purpose of The Welfare Department is to help members of the Church become self-reliant and to care for the poor and needy.

This department creates an environment where people can experience God’s love and a sense of belonging to the family of God. This we accomplish through networking and by maintaining a harmonious relationship within the Churches.

Apart from the identified responsibilities of the department, we also engage in special duties such as:

  • Planning special programs such as social events for Senior’s, distributions of fliers/ pamphlets with health tips, hosting health fairs, pack and distribute parcels for the needy (Food items, clothing, toiletries, grooming kit and other personal items).
  • Reaching out to church members as well as members of the community in times of need.
  • Assist with members’ mobility by providing wheelchair and walker and in some cases financial support (Travelling).
  • Back to school Treats/ assistance. Among other initiatives.

By taking this holistic approach we believe we help to build God’s Kingdom by serving humanity.