Welfare- Jr. Min. Roan Paharsingh

The purpose of The Welfare Department is to help members of the Church become self-reliant and to care for the poor and needy. This we accomplish through networking and by maintaining a harmonious relationship within the Churches. Apart from the identified responsibilities of the department, we also engage in special duties such as: Planning special programs such as social events for Senior’s, distributions of: food items, clothing, toiletries, grooming kit and other personal items, back to school Treats/ assistance among other initiatives.

PR and Social Media - Artnel Simon

The Public Relations and Social Media department seeks to improve the internal and external communications of the Caribbean Conference of Seventh Day Christians by raising the organization’s profile. The Public Relations department, in addition, serves as the multimedia news and promotions, communicating information to foster a better understanding of the organization and its contributions. This promotion is done through Facebook, Instagram and other technological medium.

Christian Education - Suzette Faulknor

To be effective in the work that Christ has called us to do, a platform is designed to ensure those who want to serve God through the Church get enough exposure and training. It is also ensured that they are equipped with biblical principles that will support them in their personal walks with Jesus and their relationship with the community.

Policy and records - Denise Dallas

The Policy and Record Management portfolio manages the creation, distribution, use, maintenance, and disposition of official recorded information maintained within the Caribbean Conference of Seventh-Day Christians. This is achieved through adherence to the policy developed to streamline the handling and storage of documents, which forms evidence of activities, transactions and achievements.

Christian Youth Missionary Society (CYMS)

CYMS is the training ground for the youths where they learn to pass on the truths that they receive from the word of God, and to lift Jesus Christ as the only Saviour. Careful piloting from CYMS leaders will enhance this development.

Evangelism/Outreach Ministry

Evangelism sits at the core of the organization’s ministries. We believe in evangelizing in our communities. The churches have to submit a monthly report on its outreach/evangelism activities. These activities spans from crusade, street meetings, hospital and children home visits, and feeding program among others.

Shining Star Ministry

The Shining Stars Minister was established to maintain a spiritual atmosphere for children to grow in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man. The shining stars ministry seeks to provide opportunities for children to: Develop a close relationship with God Express Talents Develop Social and Interpersonal Skills

Women’s Ministry

The women’s ministry assists the church in meeting the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual needs of women in their various stages of life and cultural diversity. Assesses the needs of women in the church through surveys and interviews. Creates an environment that encourages productivity, rewards effort and initiative, and provides a spiritual climate in which women can experience growth.